Better serve the older adults in your community

BetterAge provides recommendations to help older adults live well—while providing insights you need to better understand and serve your community.

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Three middle aged women with a range of skin tones smiling and laughing while listening to music and dancing.

“We can use this tool to support older adults. We can measure holistic health and well-being—and provide a greater impact on the community we serve.”

Partner with us to improve the health and well-being of older adults in your community
For senior centers
  • Enhance the case for funding and partnerships.
  • Design programs and services to meet participant needs and priorities.
  • Reach and serve more community residents.
  • Demonstrate the value of current services and programs.
Seven middle-aged-to-elderly people with a range of skin tones sitting and standing in two lines outside and smiling at the camera.
Three elderly people with a range of skin tones smiling and talking while working on laptops.
For government agencies
  • Empower organizations to better serve older adults.
  • Gain powerful insights for funding and advocacy.
  • Identify and address health disparities.
  • Improve policy for older adults.
For retirement communities
  • Measure the effectiveness of outreach and engagement campaigns.
  • Address individual health declines with prevention.
  • Communicate with family members using holistic insights about their loved one's well-being.
Three elderly people with a range of skin tones laughing and high-fiving while playing poker around a long table indoors.
Our partners and collaborators
We collaborate with a wide range of partners who share our vision of improving the health and wellbeing of older adults.
Partner with us
New York Office for the AgingWashington State Department of Social & Health ServicesWellMed Charitable FoundationMySeniorCenterNational Volunteer Caregiving NetworkUSAgingADvancing StatesAssociation on Aging in New YorkJASASelfhelpPSSLifespanCenter in the ParkAgeSpanDuxbury Senior CenterBaltimore County Department of AgingThrive 55 Active Living CenterStamford Senior CenterSt. Patrick Senior CenterPortage Zhang Senior CenterBurlington Council on Aging and Senior CenterWashington Association of Area Agencies on AgingCITRIS and the Banatao Institute

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